Done, yes, y e s and YES!

32 days done and I am proud and happy for it.

Total costs of veggies and fruits for this juice fast: $258.27 (last time I did a 30 days the cost was double!!! Jeez, I must have been drinking lots more juice :-)

I love the lifestyle of juicing green veggies daily, and doing fasts seasonally.

Juice fasts so far:

February 7th - 30 days

May 1st - 10 days

July 30th - 5 days

November 5th - 32 days

It was fun, BUT I cannot wait to sink my teeth into solid food tomorrow :-)

What a crazy day that started at 4:30am with Yoga (excellent Vitality session), my morning routine, physical with my PCP, work all day, and finished at 8pm.

In bed now, getting up early again for Yoga and work (business has been great, I am so grateful, I love being busy).

And guess what tomorrow is? Last day of Juice fast, that’s right :-) Very exciting, I am at that point of missing food, and cannot wait to have a bite of something (…anything pretty much :-)

This weekend’s agenda:

  • get a tree after work on Saturday and set it up
  • Christmas decor and Tree decorations on Sunday while listening to carols
  • Sunday evening - first Xmas party of the season, and I can eat and drink - cheers!

I hope your Friday finds you in great spirits!

Juice Fast Day 31 of 32 - Breakfast:

  • 1/8 watermelon with rind on
  • red seedless grapes
  • 2 kiwi peeled
  • fresh mint

Great Yoga this am - Detox - lots of twists, extremely amazing for the spine, also Yoga Hardcore 20 minutes for the ABS.

Did I mention I am in LOVE with this program :-)

Juiced grapefruit and 2 oranges for breakfast and green veggies for the day.

I am so excited to be almost done with this juice fast, I am looking forward to all the festivities leading up to Christmas.

This weekend, we are getting a tree and will decorate the house. I LOVE Christmas :-)

Mind you, I am NOT a morning person by nature, but I love having structure, keeps me on the course, and once I got used to getting up early, it became easier.

My routine as of now:

  • 4:30am get up and have a large glass of warm water with ACV + honey
  • 5am start my Yoga
  • 6am or 6:20am (if I am doing Yoga abs) finish Yoga, meditate 10 min and visualize 5 min 
  • 6:45am make my morning juice and get dressed while I drink it
  • 7am take doggie for 1 hour walk 
  • 8am back from walk, juice the rest of my veggies for the day, clean kitchen
  • 8:30am shower, hair, makeup, make tea for the road
  • 9:15am leave for work

On my days off (Sundays, Mondays and some Tuesdays) I just sleep as long as my body needs and do the same routine, just start later.

I love working out and meditating first thing in the morning, sets a great tone for the rest of the day.

Of course the routine will alter a little bit, once I finish my juice fast and start eating (this Sunday), I will not only need time to make veggie juice for snacks during the day, but also food for breakfast and work.

What is your morning routine?

Tuesday - weigh in:


HW  - 150.2 (2/1/12)

11/6 - 139.4 (beginning of Juice Fast)

11/13 - 133.8 (after week 1 of juicing -5.6 lbs)

11/20 - 129.8 (after week 2 of juicing -4 lbs)

11/27 - 128.6 (after week 3 of juicing/skipped one day for Thanksgiving -1.2 lbs) 

12/4 - 125.6 (after week 4 of juicing -3 lbs)

GW - 120

UGW - 115

Total loss from February - 24.6 lbs

Few more days of juicing, I will weigh in right after my juice fast on Sunday morning for the total. Shark week tomorrow, so that might skew the results, but whatever, I am happy with the huge progress as it is!

To say that every single muscle of my body is on fire is an understatement.

Started my day with Day 2 of 108 The Ultimate Yogi workout. My arms and shoulders have been super sore from yesterday’s session, and today’s Yoga Cardio was about 50% harder :-) … that is when the ‘holy crap’ started coming out of my mouth.

I finished, exhausted mess, meditated, took my dog for 4 mile walk and after that felt so tired, I wanted to go back to bed, mind you, it was still morning :-)

Mondays are my days off, laundry and house cleaning was waiting, so I attacked it, with sore body and all (more ‘holy crap’), fantasizing about the relaxation I am going to partake in later.

Now it’s evening, done with everything, had a fantastic hot bath with Epson Salt, and couple of Ibuprofen now onto recorded Once Upon a Time and crashing early, rest of the week wake up time 5am, gotta get some sleep while I can.

The Ultimate Yogi 2 days down 106 to go.

Juice fast 27 days down 5 to go.

PS: I am reeeaaally starting to miss food! So excited to eat on Sunday!

Juice of the day:

  • red cabbage
  • carrots
  • green apple

Cabbage juice is super good for you, and it brings lots of relief especially if you suffer with stomach ulcers and/or ulcerative colitis.

Holly molly, it was wonderful and challenging!

Lots of shoulder work. My arms did not want to co-operate with me too much the rest of the day:-)

I am so happy doing this challenge, especially all through the holidays, …

… we just got few more invitations to Christmas parties, so keeping up with a steady 1 hr - 1.5 hr of Yoga a day will be a sanity/body saver!

Yoga 1 day down 107 to go.

Juice Fast 26 days down 6 to go.

Juice Fast Day 26 of 32 Breakfast: 

  • 1/8 watermelon (with the rind on) 
  • 2 kiwi (next time I will peel them, you can feel the skin tickling your mouth as you are drinking the juice :-) 
  • red seedless grapes 
  • mint 

Refreshing and delicious drink to have after my Yoga session this morning.

  • finish my 32 day juice fast on Sat 12/8
  • start The Ultimate Yogi 108 day Yoga and meditation challenge on Sun 12/2
  • enjoy holiday parties, dinners and celebrations mindfully and in moderation
  • maintain (or even loose) weight over the holidays, no way I am going back up again :-)
  • set the best stage for 2013 - the most successful year yet to come!

Feeling great.

The peace of mind and clarity that I gain during fasting was tested today at work when dealing with some people. Anger bubbled up on the inside, I sat with it for a while and then let it go. Spending my emotional energy on marinating in anger is just not worth it. 

Onwards and upwards, 24 down 8 days to go :-)

Great productive day, and so cold here in Boston.


  • am: 1 grapefruit + 2 oranges (17oz)
  • day: Mean Green (24 oz)
  • pm: 5 carrots + medium beet + small Bartlett pear (15 0z)

10 more days to go :-)

Debating what to do after to keep up with my progress. Few options are flopping in my head:

- join fitnesspal and count calories 

- do Paleo

- do Paleo Intermittent Fasting (lean mean muscular body guaranteed)

All I want to do is eat REAL FOOD -clean organic foods, nothing processed, no sugar free, no fat free, none of that crap. Lots of veggies, fruits, grass fed meats, raw dairy, healthy fats etc. I tend to eat like that anyway, but I always had problems with portion control, so joining fitnesspal might be a great way to achieve calorie moderation?!

Thoughts and suggestions???

You are absolutely right - pure fruit juices DO create a spike in insulin  levels (and also create more acidic environment in your body than veggie juice alone), and yes it is advisable to keep the ratio of fruit in your juice to 1/4-2/3 maximum. I do love my pure fruit juice in the morning though, just because it gives me jolt of energy needed to start the day, but I do pure fruit juice only when I am juice fasting, when I am back to eating I drink just green juice in the morning and as snacks during the day.

As far as ACV/raw honey/water combo, this is how I do it:

  • 1 tsp raw honey
  • 1-2 tbsp ACV
  • put in huge glass or mug (16oz) fill half way with cold filtered water, top it off with boiling filtered water

The reason I do not like to mix it first in hot water is to preserve all the enzymes and goodies in both ingredients that get damaged by high heat. This way the honey melts easily in warm water and you have a very soothing warm (not hot) beverage to enjoy!

Hope this helps!

Juice Fast 21 days down 11 to go. YEAH!