Don’t Starve Yourself!

“Cutting too many calories, pushes the body to conserve calories rather than burn them. It also forces your body to break down muscle tissue to fuel its vital operations. But muscle tissue is the key to your metabolism (the speed at which you burn calories).

When you go on an extremely low calorie diet, your body goes into starvation mode. This leads to several negatives consequences, including fewer fat-burning enzymes in your body, lower levels of fat burning hormones, muscle wasting, greater appetite, and low energy. The bottom line is that it’s physiologically impossible to achieve permanent fat loss on a “starvation” type diet.

In the short term very low calorie programs may get you some results, but in the long run they can actually make you fatter. You will almost certainly regain additional body fat once your diet ends! Don’t trust a diet plan that recommends the same calories for everyone. If you are more active you will need more energy.” - Josh Hewett

April Challenges:

  • Body Rock April Challenge                                           5 body rock workouts a week + 2 active rest days
  • April Photo Challenge 
  • Eat super CLEAN with 1x treat meal a week
  • Goal: be as close to 120lbs by the end of month as possible ;-)

Bring it on and ROCK your April ladies!!!!

With this glorious juice fast nearing end, time to set up a no fail plan for future.


  1. Make one day a week a full Juice Fast Day, I pick Tuesday!
  2. Weigh in every Wednesday morning.
  3. Drink a huge jar of green vegetable juice every day (replacing a meal or just sipping it throughout the day).
  4. Drink lots of water with lemon or apple cider vinegar, lots of herbal and green tea.
  5. Eat mostly plant based diet (fruits & veggies), raw preferably or slightly cooked. Incorporate grains, legumes slowly and then incorporate lean organic/free range animal protein (fish, chicken, eggs, egg whites etc.),   not counting calories, just listening to my body and eating small portions through the day, eat every 3 hours or when I am hungry, no starving allowed. Sit down at the table with my food and really enjoy it!
  6. Work out 5-7x/week, running, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, slowly start adding Body Rock videos and work my way up to body rock 5x/week.
  7. Sleep 8 hours a night and Relax whenever possible.
  8. Reduce my work days from 6 to 5 a week, I have to LIVE not just work!!!


  1. Enjoy 1-2 "whatever meals" a week, no guilt attached! I believe having that will help me sustain my progress and lead to moderation in the future. 
  2. Have wine 1x week if the mood strikes (and it will :-)))
  3. Use coffee as a treat occasionally, do not use as a drug in the morning I cannot live without!

Following these should smoothly take me to my goal weight (115 lbs) by May 20, 2012 and to a lifetime of moderation, no more yo-yo for this gal.

Cheers to health!