I love this chick so so much!

Her attitude, her presence, her talent… amazing!



Tumblr was on MTV?

Who allowed tumblr on mtv :(

I haven’t watched MTV since the 80’s.

Remember those days when there was actually music videos played all day!!!!??? … oh wait, most of you were born in the 80’s and 90’s :-)

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LOVE this song and this acapella version is amazing!

Somebody That I Used To Know

A Cappella Gotye Cover by Pentatonix

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Hell yeah, I want to look like this AGAIN, and I will!!!

MataHari 2004 Spare Me - music video a.k.a. my “glamorous” past as a musician/performer :-)

Go buy our music on iTunes, the royalties $$$ are not going to make themselves, ha ha ha, just kidding, they are ;-)