Sorry I have been MIA.

We are in a process of moving and that is pretty much taking up all my time!

I will be back :-) Muah!

Ever since I came back from vacation I cannot bring myself to get back to my healthy routine with working out and eating well 100%

I have not worked out in over 2 months! Oh the horror :-)

My stomach is so soft and flabby, and my muscles are leaving me.

I am at the point of getting really sick of myself again and that usually leads to a breakthrough / change of behavior, so it’s all good!

My weight is up again. When I left for a vacation on 8/1, I was 128 lbs, now I am bouncing between 133-135 lbs, and that is NOT good!

Interesting how mood goes hand in hand with the state of the body. I have been feeling fairly low, unmotivated and lazy. But once I start hitting the workouts I know for a fact that my mood will improve dramatically!

I am just ranting / venting here, I know it’s a safe place, and most of you understand.

Slowly plotting goals for myself again.

The big picture is - I really truly would FINALLY love to be at my goal of 120 lbs by Christmas. I don’t think it is completely unrealistic if I go back to what works: 5x workouts a week, eating at deficit, juicing, not drinking wine, sleeping and taking rest, taking care of my mental health as well as the body!

This past wedding weekend in Florida was epic and lovely in the same time. Filled with family, laughter, lots of dancing, eating and cocktailing :-) wouldn’t have it any other way!

Now in Colorado, ready to take a much deserved vacation.

We will be in the middle of nowhere for 2 weeks. Our dog is super pumped, as you can tell :-) ,to have this amazing adventure in wilderness.

I will not have any cell phone/internet connection, so I will catch up with you all in few weeks.

Be well and take care of yourself! Muah!

Dear hubby and I at his baby sister’s wedding this Saturday.


Going through one of those - “What does is all mean?” - thinking patterns.

Eating great and working out had become a second nature to me… but with it also being on internet a lot, blogging about it on here, taking pictures of food, posting workouts to MyFitnessPal …. 

… and I am at the point now of wanting to LIVE more and spend less time on social media / internet….

… I am really close to deleting both my MFP account and Tumblr.

Should I?

Does any of you get anything positive out of my posts?

And I have made some really nice connections on both sites, so saying goodbye would be really bittersweet!

Thank you for listening, your input is greatly appreciated!!!!

This quote rings so much truth with me today!

I am so grateful for all the shit I ever went through. There have been many really tough experiences and detours in my life BUT without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Gratitude all around!

"Ironically, had it not been for every

disappointment, setback, and detour in the road

of your life, you wouldn’t have come so far.”

Today has been such a wonderful recharge. For my body and spirit.

Hot, summery, sunny day. My favorite :-)

Morning walk, followed by some planting and reading on the patio for hours, and then dozing off for an hour nap in our AC filled bedroom.

Now back on the patio, enjoying an espresso, homemade chocolatey sweet vegan treat (mashed up banana, hemp seeds & unsweetened cocoa powder), glass of Pellegrino with lemon and more reading and perhaps some journaling.

I love the lazy tempo of Sundays! Don’t you?

My gf went into labor last night.

And it will be our God baby! :-)

Super exciting indeed!

"Do more of what makes you happy!"

I think that is pretty much a key to an amazing life! 

I try to follow this every day.

What makes me happy?

- being in nature, near water, between the trees

- around animals, especially doggies

- first cup of coffee in the morning & great glass of red wine at night

- hot baths

- dancing in the living room to my favorite music

- bonfires

- singing

- feeling sun’s warmth on my face, fresh air in my lungs, earth between my toes

….I could go on and on….

Do what makes you happy and you’ll be happy for life!

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"One healthy meal at a time"

That has been my motto as of late.

I have originally started this blog to help my body and soul get to a healthier state, to keep track of my foods, patterns of my behaviors, and thought process.

I am an extremist at heart. I do mostly everything 100%, good and bad :-)

So I am on here to learn balance and moderation! 

One of the big steps as of lately has been - NO more COUNTING CALORIES!!! It can be an extremely obsessive and unhealthy behavior, so not something I am thriving for. I have joined MyFitnessPal about 6 months ago to learn how to do “portion control” and that involved a lot of calorie counting. It has been a wonderful tool for me, but I think I have outgrown it.

I am a very healthy eater most of the time, and now that I am aware that I cannot feed my petite 5’ tall body like a lumberjack, now that I am “on point” with my portions it is time to move on to more sustainable strategy for healthy life:

- intuitive eating of clean/real food

- lots of water

- moving every day

- peaceful mind


Loving the journey I am on!

Peace & Light!

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So last week has been hectic. I have literally been off the wagon since Memorial day.  Eating whatever, not working out as much, swollen from PMS etc…. the crowning glory was my SIL Bachelorette weekend in Orlando this past weekend where booze was flowing and greasy food followed.

Now I am back to reality and cannot make myself to go back to eating clean and working out the way I am used to, and my PMS has been lasting over a week and my period being late does not help at all. You know what I am talking about girls, swolen, crampy, tired body and mind = not fun!

Yesterday I decided it’s time to clean it up and get back on the track.


Vegan Detox - Wednesday through Sunday  

- lots of raw veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, juicing, lots of water, green smoothies … faze out coffee, animal products and booze

Juice Fast - Monday through Friday

- just fresh green juice, lots of water with lemon & ACV, herbal tea

Juice fasting always helps me reset my body, get my original goal of getting healthy back on my brain, and it gives my mind a chance to clear.

As one of my favorite quotes says: “Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

So this is me, “standing up” for a thousandth time :-)

Hi guys, sorry I have been little MIA, posting only here and there, and not really checking on anybody. I have been super busy working & living.

This is what is new & what has been happening:

- I am feeling super fantastic/accomplished after completing my Yoga challenge

- I have also been dealing with major joint pain for the longest time, my weight was not been coming off as much or not at all, no matter what I was doing with my diet and exercise and my PMS/periods have gotten super wacky and unbearably painful. I finally ditched my old useless PCP and found a new wonderful doctor and I finally got answers as to why.

I have been living with Hashimoto’s Thyroditis (autoimmune disease, where your body attacks your thyroid - here for more info) for years and I have been treated since 2007 with a Thyroid hormone replacement.

My new doctor just found out that my levels are super low and increased my dosage. Even after taking this higher dose for only few days I feel like a new person. My joint pain is disappearing and I am yet to see what happens during shark week :-) My energy is through the roof, and I am ready to get back to the swing of things and shake up my routine a bit.

I have already switched from “full time Yoga” to this:

- Body Rock 3x week

- Yoga 2x week

- rest days 2x week

As far as my “diet”, this is the new plan:

Beginning April 1st, I am starting IF (Intermittent Fasting) on a schedule of 16/8 with eating window either 12-8, or 1-9 depending on a day.

The benefits of IF are amazing, for more info click here.

I am very confident that with my new thyroid meds dosage, eating at a small deficit (NET at least 1500/day), BodyRocking and IF will bring my fitness level and my body to a completely new dimension.

If you made it this far reading, THANK YOU :-) for your support!

I will slowly be coming back to the Tumblr world and check on all of you!

Love & Light!

… I began my journey (my LAST weight loss journey ever! :-)

I was sick of letting myself go so bad, letting my weigh creep up to 150ies over the last few years, I was sick of the way I was feeling and looking.

My weight always fluctuated, but this time I reached a new low.

Due to a serendipitous turn of events I ended up watching the movie “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”, and the fire I once had, lit inside of me yet again!

What did I accomplish this last year?

- 2x 30 Day Juice Fasts and many more short ones

- through ups and downs, still losing total of 22 pounds in the end

- quitting my major coffee addiction

- reducing my work load from 6 days to 4 - the best thing I have done for my sanity!

- being kind to myself throughout the whole process

What did I learn?

- if my body screams NO to certain workouts, move on to a gentler one and do not beat yourself up over it (Yoga good! Running Bad! …at least for my joints!!!)

- eating and NOT starving leads to a hot, healthy body!!!!

- slow and steady REALLY wins the race

What am I grateful for?

- my amazing life, my hubby, my family, my dog!

- Tumblr - camaraderie, support, accountability, inspiration 

- The Ultimate Yogi - for changing my body and enriching my mind

- MyFitnessPal - the last piece of the puzzle that will bring me to the finish line!!!!

Yep, that pretty much covers it :-)

Love and Light!!!

…coming now :-)


I just wrote this loooooong emotional, poignant post about my 1 year anniversary of my weight loss journey and then I erased it by accident….booooo…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I guess IT was NOT meant to be :-)

In short:

Last year was awesome, lost weight, feel great, love my life, love you all,….this time I am in it to WIN IT!!!!! ….. good night & goodbye!